Scot Goodhart

STATS —dark brown hair with hints of salt, deep hazel eyes, 6ft even, 205lbs(give or take 5lbs), handsome, jovial

Contact —
iO's – Smokin' Hot DadImprov – EnsembleiO – Chicago
iO's – Henrietta Pussycat | 2008-2014Improv – EnsembleiO – Chicago
Second City Director's SeriesImprov – EnsembleSecond City Chicago
Dir. Cholley Kuhaneck
rich with hart w/Nancy FriedrichImprov – EnsembleiO – Chicago
Don't Spit the Water
2009 Just for Laughs Chicago
ComedianBlewt Productions
ComedySportzImprov – EnsembleComedySportz Chicago
SKALD Storytelling CompetitionStorytellerWNEP Theater w/ the City of Chicago
A Year without a Santa ClausJingleComedySportz Chicago
Velvet Tom – Red Shoe DiariesLee, the guitar playerRed Shoes
Snow White (&Rose Red) and Seven DwarvesDriftyComedySportz Chicago
FratricideSketch EnsembleReuptake Inhibiting Productions
The Cunin Family ChroniclesImprov – EnsembleWNEP Theater
GlenMonkey GlenBotSketch EnsembleProud Larry Productions
Improv Challenge IIImprov – EnsembleFine Point Productions
MacbethThane of CawdorHanover College
The PhiladelphiaMarkHanover College
TranslationsJimmy JackHanover College
NextMarion CheeverHanover College
A Fiddler on the RoofTevyeHotze Theater
FILM / DIGITAL CommercialGuyBlewt Productions
Dir.Steve Delahoyde
Sing O'Muse
Film Racing 2007 'Best Film'
Trojan SoldierVery Clever Productions
ThwartedKaneVery Clever Productions
That Which Returns
2004 Chicago Short Comedy Film Festival
The HuntManCat in a Blender Prod.
Chick Boxin' UndergroundBusiness ManIndependent Edge
Dave & Co. – conflicts available upon request
iO Training ProgramiO(Gregoropoulos, Jagodowski, Halpern)Chicago, IL
Acting for the CameraPlayhouse in the ParkCincinnati, OH
Acting 101Hanover CollegeHanover, IN
Football(four year starter for Hanover College), triathlons(1 a year since 2009), softball, surfing/SUPing, weight lifting, guitar, Jew's harp, animal loving, video games, improvising in Chicago since 2001, and general wilderness survival.